March 29, 30, 31, 2013

Our Lourmarin Pop up event was a wonderful time and a great success! We were blessed with great weather, unique company and positive feedback… Thank you to everyone who has participated! Hope to see you at our next location, which is Berlin, on April 25th. Danke schön!

Lourmarin Lourmarin Bienvenue à Lourmarin! A famous village in the Provence, with magical landscapes and plummeting high mountain ranges – Lourmarin was once inhabited by the great Albert Camus and Henri Bosco. The artists flourish in this beautiful city with its inspirational hues. Working with the landscape, Designer Elke Walter creates garments in taffeta and microfiber fabrics, ranging from black to colors such as Night blue, Cobalt blue, Beige, Dark silver, Turquoise, Rust, and more – depending on the season. Her One-Of-A-Kind dresses go beyond the essentials, experimenting with sharp contours and intricate fabrics that truly express the artist’s playful soul. These garments work harmoniously within the environment in which they were created. Elke strives to match her designs with her customer’s needs, allowing each individual customer to distinctly express herself in a continuous celebration of beauty, art and aesthetic in which the Provence brings forth.

Come join Elke Walter’s upcoming pop up store at Karas’ studios “ESPACE KARAS” in Lourmarin on the 29th of March, 2013, and experience the colorful and inspirational taste for design.There will be a feature of Elke’s Essentials, One-Of-A-Kind dresses, and Make My Day handmade scarves, thematically conveying form, liveliness and wild color as some of the matters which will tickle your palette throughout your walk into this artist’s creation.