ELKE WALTER MEETS is a distribution system totally different to the conventional one. It is hosted by art or design galleries and design stores worldwide to showcase the ELKE WALTER.FR fashion and accessories.

What is it? FASHION PUP UP – 3 days only, plus opening event. The product is no longer available permanently. It is a scarce moment and offering only at certain times within a limited period.

What is offered? The three pillars of the fashion pop up are:
ESSENTIALS + Unisex – the basic lines. The result of the ongoing commitment to minimize clothes to their essentials by eliminating everything superfluous. Exclusively in black.
MAKE MY DAY – accessories, such as scarves, bags and a range of clothes-in-a-bag.
ONE OF A KINDS – unique in cut, style and color.


Beside the ELKE WALTER MEETS events, some of ELKE WALTER designs are available in only 2 stores worldwide: a decision of exclusivity:
LES ORÉADES, Geneva, 16 rue de la Corraterie – www.lesoreades.ch
HILDE LEISS, Hamburg, Grosser Burstah 38 – www.hilde-leiss.de