A pure and aesthetically perfect contrast to the rush and constant revision of the all-around concept of design. Fabric is, and one tends to ignore it, one of the essential materials of our time. It is always present, always close, it defines us, changes the conception of our self and is even more versatile than the furniture in our houses, the cars on our roads or the phones in our pockets. We subconsciously develop feelings towards it, become experts in describing it and, in some cases, it even turns into a never ending pursuit of something we call a trend. Shouldn’t it just be simple and provide the fundamental benefits, aesthetically and practically, associated with an element as essential and present?

The ELKE WALTER ESSENTIAL line brings fabric and fashion back to this level, while keeping up with the highest standards of this century regarding design and functionality.

A ELKE WALTER ESSENTIAL UNISEX line is in the works and already available in the Elke Walter pop up stores.
All items are made in France from 100% Italian and Japanese Hi-Tech Polyester. Wrinkle-free, breathable and with quick-dry effect.