Creation finds its way It comes from a dark buried source and is constantly seeking the light.

Elke Walter is a self-taught designer. Of course she knew about fashion before she started, but this simple fact does not make a designer of breathtaking clothes.
The initial starting point was somewhat simple: she wanted to sew a curtain and made a dress instead. This was the point of no return: she started making fashion.

By teaching herself Elke Walter found her way to her own cutting technology. As she does not draw but works on living models or a mannequin she experiments, drapes and constructs to find the final point where the piece has all she wants. Being a perfectionist, she is always courageous, always demanding anatomical correctness and full flexibility that follows every movement.

Soon her paths divided into two sections.
One was the way of creating dramatically self-confident items, often highly sculptural, and always a declaration of being unique that cannot be overlooked. A statement of independence. Her ONE OF A KIND LINE.
The other way followed her notion to create the simplest garment possible, pure in design, easy to wear, where one piece of the line would always match with another. Like in her ESSENTIALS and U-ESSENTIALS lines, together with her MAKE MY DAY accessories.

Regarding fabrics Elke Walter is a sustainability fiend, declining short life items. Thus she worked herself into the possibilities that high tech fibers are offering today. But- her garments are always handmade. Always the best possible quality.

I have a strong notion not to do what everyone expects me to do. I prefer being independent. For me this is the only way to keep my creativity.’ EW

Elke Walter started making dresses in the South of France, then moved to Hamburg to build up an atelier and a boutique. After 10 years she went back to France and now lives and works in the Provence.
By pushing the professional reset button and selling her dresses directly on her worldwide design pop up events, she regained the direct contact to her clients. She has strong ties to the world of architecture and design, constantly looking for new cooperation and challenges. Welcome back in Independence.