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Elke has always employed fabric as a medium for her creative expression, one which has been evolving from one-of-a-kind fashion to an increasingly sculptural work.

Always pushing the boundaries, her work was initially about exploring the possibilities of manipulating fabrics, adding thus another dimension by twisting, turning, stretching, creating shapes that seem to be born out of a cosmic reef, where the objects seem to move gently with the tide...

Elke has her fabrics produced in a small rural France mill, using old techniques mixed with modern knowhow. There she gets her fabric ideas realized: pleated, twisted and finally dyed delicately on the twisted outside.

In her atelier she sculpts these fabrics into single pieces with a fixed volume, later assembled together for the final shape – each one unique, not two of them are indentical.

Elke Walter's sculptural work creatively references the late Zaha Hadid, a person that she not only admired for her creative impetus, but with whom she had a personal relationship. Elke Walter was Zaha Hadids favorite designer for many years – understandably, as both considered fashion to be architectural. Or intergalactic.

I prefer to be independent. For me this is the only way to keep my creativity.

Elke Walter

10. Oktober 2017 bis zum Ende des Jahres - Hilde Leiss in Hamburg

1997 ATOUTFIL, Concours de Création Mode, Vauvert, Frankreich
2002 erste Ausstellung in der Galerie Hilde Leiss,
Hamburg, ständige Künstlerin der Galerie
2002-2012 eigenes Atelier und Ladengeschäft in Hamburg
2003- Mitglied im BK, Bundesverband für Kunsthandwerk und Design
2005 Grassi Museum, Leipzig
2005 Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe, Hamburg
2006 ORIGAMI, Elke Walter one-of-a-kind Ausstellung bei Luminaire, Miami, USA
2006 PUPPY LOVE, Charity Design Project bei Luminaire, Miami, USA
2007 ORIGAMI, Elke Walter one-of-a-kind Ausstellung bei Luminaire, Chicago, USA
2007 Event Prominent, Charity Modenschau, Hamburg
2008 KRIEG & FRIEDEN, Ballett, Kostümdesign für die Welt-Uraufführung, Dortmund
2008 PAPERLOVE, Charity Design Project, Luminaire, Miami, USA
2010 Philadelphia Museum of Art, German Crafts, Philadelphia, USA
2013 Raab Galerie, Berlin
2013 Galerie Naechst St. Stephan, Rosemarie Schwarzwaelder, Wien, Österreich
2013 Pavilion Design Store, Chicago, USA
2013 Biennale Arts & Crafts, German Crafts, Cheongju, Südkorea
2013 Raab Galerie, Berlin
2013 ZHD - Zaha Hadid Design Gallery, London, GB
2014 Aidlin Darling Architects, San Francisco, USA
2015 ZHD – Zaha Hadid Design Gallery, London, GB
2015 The NWBLK (The New Black), Design Store, San Francisco, USA
2015 ddc, Interior Design Store, New York, USA
2015 Galerie ABTart, Stuttgart
2016 Galerie ABTart, Stuttgart

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